Team Compass (TEAM-COMPASS™)


KDVI's Team Compass™ helps leadership teams better understand how aligned the team is and identify areas to improve to become more effective as a team. 

Based on academic research and experience with teams, the Team Compass™ evaluates perceptions of the team effectiveness in four areas: Direction & Structure, Cohesion, Functioning and Growth.

Specifically, the results can be used in a team alignment and development workshop to:

  • Highlight collective strengths and development areas / opportunities​
  • Identify gaps in alignment between team leader and rest of the team / or between subgroups​
  • Design targeted/themed workshops​
  • Benchmark for ongoing team development

Based on academic research and experience with teams, we have identified the following dimensions characteristic of effective teams:





The Team Compass™ dimensions were based on a literature review and consolidation of qualities of high performing teams. Some of the main sources of references include the following research and practitioner frameworks.



It also includes integrates our experience working with teams, especially with the recent disruptions related to the COVID pandemic and the need for developing reslience and leadership support.


  • 45 questions, scaled from 1- 7
  • A reflective exercise to get more contextualised feedback on team functioning
  • 20 minutes to complete
  • Responses are anonymised and aggregated into a team report


Who is it for?

  • Management teams (SLTs, Board of Directors)
  • Functional teams (Finance, HR, Marketing, etc)
  • Project-based teams


Team size

  • Ideal team sizes range from 4-8 members; for larger teams, we recommend sub-categories for a more nuanced analysis of the results



  • Team leader results can be visualised separately
  • We can include subgroups in the report as long as there are more than 3 respondents per group

TEAM-COMPASS™ - Fully administered survey

Fully administered service per participant POA
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