Self-exploration in an organisational context can help executives with one of the more difficult leadership tasks they may ever face: changing themselves.


A Systemic-Psychodynamic Approach to Leadership Feedback

360° leadership development tools can be the beginning of an introspective journey and set into motion honest self-evaluation and changes in behaviour. Feedback from different stakeholders provide a useful way for leaders to compare their self-perceptions with the observations of colleagues or others who know them well. They help executives make connections between patterns of conflict at work and interpersonal issues in their private lives.

KDVI offers a suite of innovative psychometrically validated 360° feedback instruments targeting global business executives. Our instruments intervene at three levels. Used together, they provide a systematic approach to assessing leadership and organisational effectiveness.

  • Individual: To provide insights for a constructive dialogue about the way a leader functions and implicit and explicit behaviours that need further development.
  • Team: To provide structure for team development initiatives, by outlining the qualities, skills and competencies that leaders must have to be effective in teams, the roles they play and the way various roles complement or work against each other.
  • Organisational: To provide guidance for strategic discussions that centre around corporate culture and to align values and behaviours to business strategy.


Attend KDVI's online "GELM Certification" to gain an understanding of the dimensions, design and validation of the tool and practise how to adminster the GELM and interpret the feedback report. If you are interested in better understanding organisational culture and change, we are running a virtual masterclass on the Organisational Culture Audit (OCA).

For more information or to register email [email protected].

Quick Fact About Our Instruments

  • Balance theoretical rigor and pragmatic approach
  • Focus on behaviours that are driven by motivations outside immediate consciousness
  • Dimensions derived from research and experience with high performing leaders, not psychology students or patients
  • Aimed at a normed population of high-achieving business leaders
  • Designed to be easy to complete, culture-neutral, easy to understand and interpret, and easy to translate into action aimed at improvement
  • Quantitative section calls attention to areas of development while qualitative feedback provides context-specific information and helps leaders understand the results
  • Most are psychometrically validated and backed by peer-reviewed journal articles and all are continuously evaluated and improved
  • Used by more than 30,000 international business executives (and 400,000 observers) from around the world, allowing for benchmarking against peers
  • Available online in multiple languages
  • Fully administered service