KDVI Newsletter - March 2021 (2021)


KDVI Newsletter - March 2021

Preparing for the light at the end of the tunnel - 

Managing the conttradictions and uncertainties of the recorvey

KDVI, 2021

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Mar 8, 6:24 PM

Here to learn and grow. Thank you.

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KDVI Newsletter - September 2020

KDVI Newsletter - September 2020

Six questions every leader should be asking about culutre right now - 

How to ensure healthy foundations in your organisation's culutre in the transition to the 'new normal'

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KDVI Newsletter - October 2020

KDVI Newsletter - October 2020


How to help people to adapt, not force them to adopt - 

For many, the first wave of the pandemic was an adrenaline-fuelled sprint. The long haul demands a different lace and a shift in leadership priorities.

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KDVI Newsletter - December 2020

KDVI Newsletter - December 2020

Hold on to moments of calm and clarity -

At the close of this tough and tumultuous year, take a moment to reflect on your purpose and your practice as a leader or as a coach

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KDVI's Key questions  for reflection through these uncertain times

KDVI's Key questions for reflection through these uncertain times

Crisis forces people and companies to adapt and change. Covid-19 is particular because of its global impact; consequences are magnified both personally and collectively. Large scale disruptions can expose our fault lines and vulnerabilities and push us to challenge and question existing mindsets and behaviours. While traumatic, it can also elevate and bring to the fore different leadership behaviours.

KDVI Newsletter - November 2020

KDVI Newsletter - November 2020

Resilience, wellbeing and healthy performance cultures - 

The challenge of leadership today is riding the pandemic rollercoaster while laying tracks for the future and inspiring others. Resilience is key.

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Partner, Powerful. New Role Models for Women Leaders in 2021

Partner, Powerful. New Role Models for Women Leaders in 2021

Recent developments have given rise to examples where women are provided with more choice of what type of leader they can be. In this blog, Paul Vanderbroeck, suggests three alternative role models, giving hope for gender balance in leadership in the near future.

Published on 13 Jan, 2021

"The uses of humour in the workplace"

The Dark Side of a Funny Situation

This blog looks at the sources of humor and to distunguish between humour that is congenial and empathetic and humour that is dysfunctional and divisive.

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"Let's talk about sex in the boardroom"

The Sexual “Cloud” in the Executive Suite

Manfred Kets de Vries explores whether sex and man’s unconscious drive for survival are keeping women locked out of the C-suite.

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"Four pathologies that can cripple leaders"

Coaching the Toxic Leader

This blog entry with the Harvard Business Review explores four pathologies that can cripple an executive and bring misery to the workplace, and what to do about them.

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"What's your readiness to work & lead overseas?"

Are you Ready to Lead Overseas?

This blog addresses readiness to work and lead overseas, and whether you are ready to make this change.

Published on 10 Nov, 2014