KDVI Newsletter - October 2020 (2020)


KDVI Newsletter - October 2020

How to help people to adapt, not force them to adopt - 

For many, the first wave of the pandemic was an adrenaline-fuelled sprint. The long haul demands a different lace and a shift in leadership priorities.

KDVI, 2020

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KDVI Newsletter - September 2020

KDVI Newsletter - September 2020

Six questions every leader should be asking about culutre right now - 

How to ensure healthy foundations in your organisation's culutre in the transition to the 'new normal'

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KDVI Newsletter - November 2020

KDVI Newsletter - November 2020

Resilience, wellbeing and healthy performance cultures - 

The challenge of leadership today is riding the pandemic rollercoaster while laying tracks for the future and inspiring others. Resilience is key.

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Preparing for the light at the end of the tunnel - 

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KDVI Newsletter - December 2020

KDVI Newsletter - December 2020

Hold on to moments of calm and clarity -

At the close of this tough and tumultuous year, take a moment to reflect on your purpose and your practice as a leader or as a coach

Published on 22 Dec, 2020

KDVI Learning Lab Conversation Series Spring 2021

KDVI Learning Lab Conversation Series Spring 2021

We are now a little over a year since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, which, alongside a broader backdrop of political and socioeconomic unrest and increasing climate catastrophes, have created a significant inflection point in many of our business-as-usual practices and expectations. While companies and individuals have and continue to experience major upheaval, this time has also brought forth opportunities for growth and change.

KDVI's Key questions  for reflection through these uncertain times

KDVI's Key questions for reflection through these uncertain times

Crisis forces people and companies to adapt and change. Covid-19 is particular because of its global impact; consequences are magnified both personally and collectively. Large scale disruptions can expose our fault lines and vulnerabilities and push us to challenge and question existing mindsets and behaviours. While traumatic, it can also elevate and bring to the fore different leadership behaviours.

"Education sector inter-ventions"

KDVI Interventions in the Education Sector

Case studies on different KDVI interventions in the education sector.

Published on 1 Sep, 2015

KDVI's Organisational Culture Transformation Framework

KDVI's Organisational Culture Transformation Framework

The purpose of this paper is to provide our clients with an understanding of our approach to organisational change and culture transformation. First, we describe the underlying challenges that organisations face, where change is the norm rather than the exception. We then propose that, by addressing both manifest and underlying factors, KDVI’s interventions go beyond a simplistic quick fix. Next, we provide an overview of the theoretical foundations of KDVI’s approach to organisational culture transformation, which lead to six concrete change principles that guide our work. We then map these principles into a general roadmap for a culture transformation programme in terms of phases and timelines. In the final section, we highlight the specific change levers that make KDVI’s approach unique.  

"Denialism, office politics, productivity"

Blinded by Belief

This blog entry with the Harvard Business Review explores how denialists can have a devastating effect on office politics and productivity.

Published on 6 Aug, 2015