Journeys into Coronavirus Land: Lessons from a pandemic (2020)

Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries

Journeys into Coronavirus Land: Lessons from a pandemic

Our journey together through the pandemic can lead us down a path of division or a more hopeful path of mutual responsibility, reconciliation and true renewal, ensuring healthier organisations and a better society for our children and future generations.


In his latest book Journeys into Coronavirus Land, Manfred Kets de Vries takes us through his ruminations during confinement, widening his explorations into group phenomenon, leadership and organisational dynamics and economic and environmental crisis. The central question is, how have each of us responded to this adversity and where will this journey lead us, individually and collectively?


At the core of these reflections is that while crisis can unleash a lot of pain and misery, it also provides a rare opportunity to engage in a journey of deep self-reflection that could lead to transformation. Manfred argues that in times of crisis and beyond, we need reflective, values-driven leadership, and courageous individuals who will step up to it. We also need conscious followership: people who take responsibility for their own actions and hold one another accountable. This capacity for individual reflection and change can lead to collective changes in ourselves, our organisations, as well as wider systems. This reset is even more urgent given the fragility of current democratic institutions and ecological threats.

Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries, 2020

This book is available as a free download. A donation to Unicef Save Generation Covid is strongly encouraged.


Manfred is making Journeys into Coronavirus Land available free to download via KDVI. We're encouraging donations to the Unicef Save Generation Covid campaign to help expand the scale and scope of their work supporting children affected by coronavirus, especially in countries with weaker health systems. The impact of a large-scale outbreak of coronavirus on children, especially poor and vulnerable children, has been immense. Children are at risk from the disease, but also from the disruption to health and education services, impacts on caregivers, and separation from family members.Unicef has been working closely with governments and the World Health Organization (WHO) since the start of the coronavirus outbreak. In donating, we hope this book will make an impact in someone else's life.



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