"What the coaches say..." about something inspiring about their clients (2020)

Elizabeth McCourt

"What the coaches say..." about something inspiring about their clients

“What the coaches say…” is a collaborative effort of our team of global coaches who work with clients around the world to share what we’re learning and experiencing.

We’ve been learning from those around us, but we’ve also been inspired by each other, our clients and the people we interact with. Even in serious times, encouraging expressions of generosity and joy help lighten the mood. From ‘washing your hands’ videos to buying food for an elderly neighbor to hearing about how a leader you work with connected with their team in a compassionate way, makes this time an opportunity for positivity as well as productivity.

What is something inspiring that you want to share from talking to your clients?

Ann Houston Kelly, Oregon, USA

Post-crisis, business will never go all the back to how it had been operating. Some of my clients are talking about how this crisis is unleashing new levels of creativity and innovation in their companies. What is truly inspiring is the willingness of many to jump in and donate their money, time and expertise to help others. Particularly inspiring is the willingness of recently retired healthcare leaders and professionals to jump back in despite the personal risk. 


Betina Rama, Argentina

The positive attitude of people, not only how leaders at organizations take care of their own people, but how they are working to help the communities they operate in.


Jennifer Davis, New Jersey, USA

I am truly inspired when I hear clients talk about how their bosses email or take time to connect with extra acknowledgment and thanks. Positivity is critical in any relationship, especially during uncertainty.


Manfred Barth, Germany

This situation gives us a chance to behave in a way that others did not expect us to behave. It also gives us a chance to rebuild “bridges” that may be in need of repair or had been destroyed long ago.


Jean-Claude Noel, New York City, USA

It is with hope that we will provide inspiration to our clients to use courage to redefine a new social contract in a less global world by prioritizing health, education and meaning.


Margot Schumacher, Holland

The focus of having strong values to help people and organizations make decisions to do well for employees, clients and society.


If you’ve been inspired by someone or something recently, please share it with us in the comments below.


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Francesco Pimpinelli, ...

Apr 13, 4:01 PM

During this time, I notice we are all going through a life changing experience, which is going to have an impact on our life. Some people are experiencing the lockdown together with their partner (or family). Somebody is discovering or re-discovering something precious, others are realizing the inadequacy of their relationship. Good learning… Some people are experiencing the lockdown on their own. Some are struggling with their loneliness and craving for connections, others enjoy a fertile aloneness to reflect on what is really important to them. Good learning… The next steps will be a challenge in any case.

Sai Ram Nilgiri, Singa...

Apr 20, 9:43 AM

In a group coaching with one woman and four men, the woman asked the men: Do you think your wives are not strong enough for you to share your problems, if she was strong enough to carry your child? Wow! I could never have asked a more powerful question! She was amazing!

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