"What the coaches say..." about what they are learning through this crisis (2020)

Elizabeth McCourt

"What the coaches say..." about what they are learning through this crisis

“What the coaches say…” is a collaborative effort of our team of global coaches who work with clients around the world to share what we’re learning and experiencing.


Sometimes we’re learning big things, but mostly there’s a gratitude and appreciation for the smaller things. Having big goals in a crisis might boil down to having yourself and your family safe. However, you might be feeling pressure of navigating a virtual work environment, managing your team or even working on your own leadership issues. We thought it would help to share what we’re learning so it might help you to reflect on what you’re learning too. When we learn something from one client or colleague, we can share that reflection to help another. In that way we “pay the learning forward” and find new ways to collaborate and inspire each other.


What are you learning in this crisis?


Betina Rama, Argentina

In these first weeks of quarantine, I learned the importance of giving and receiving support to and from others.


Jennifer Davis, New Jersey, USA

I am learning it feels good to move forward with ways of serving clients or community without overthinking. Even with concerns and stress with the crisis, it's an opportunity to do my best and come from an unabashedly authentic and courageous place.


Manfred Barth, Germany

We all have four stakeholders we have to manage: the business itself, the people in our business, our friends and families, and most importantly ourselves. At the end of each day we need to ask ourselves, “How well did I do in managing the balance between these stakeholders today?”


Ann Houston Kelly, Oregon, USA

Many of us are discovering personal and professional opportunities. We are connecting with our families in different and deeper ways by being around them for much longer periods of time. We are stretching the boundaries of working virtually by reaching out and connecting at new times in new ways. And, we are upending our assumptions about how business gets done because we have to do things differently. 

Margot Schumacher, Holland

It is important to figuratively “sit on the balcony” and oversee what is happening, reflecting and observing people operating in the crisis and learning what might inspire valuable advice or insight for the executives. 


Jean-Claude Noel, New York City, USA

I’m hoping to learn more about survival, about what is really essential in my life.


Please share below what you’re learning in this crisis, both personally and professionally.


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Cornelia Kausch, Berlin

Apr 14, 11:23 AM

I feel the situation is very ambivalent, I am wondering how much of this was needed to truly initiate change, innovation and transformation. We cannot continue to measure our success by purely driving profits regardless of our resources, our planet and the human capital. Maybe Corona provides ground for new KPI's like Love and Altruism, while sustainability is already part of it. Maybe we learn how to take care of our planet and at the same time, learn to take care of the people.

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