Organizational Paradoxes: Clinical Approaches to Management (2009)

Manfred Kets de Vries

Organizational Paradoxes: Clinical Approaches to Management

Organizational life is a territory full of dilemmas - managers are confronted with many paradoxical encounters which at first glance might seem irrational and extremely difficult to interpret.

The objective of this book is to develop a theory of organizational functioning as viewed from a clinical perspective. For that purpose psychoanalytic concepts are applied to the study of leadership behavior, organizational stress, work disorders, career, power, and authority. Special attention is given to the vicissitudes of leadership, the coercive nature of organizations, and the problem of the middle aged and aging manager.

This clinically oriented approach to management, recognizing the role of unconscious motivation, intra-psychic reality, and the limits to rationality, makes for a complex but at the same time authentic description of organizational life which directs the manager to more effective problem solving and more creative leadership.

Routledge, 2009


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