Prisoners of Leadership (1999)

Manfred Kets de Vries

Prisoners of Leadership

What makes one corporate leader succeed while another fails? What inner resources allow one to bring a dying company back to life, while another drives a thriving enterprise into the ground? Leadership is best measured by a leader’s response to the countless major and minor “booby traps” that go off in every office every day. This book analyzes theses situational and psychological responses in a way that is unique in the literature of business. Prisoners of Leadership goes well beyond the clichés that have come to stand for leadership “style”, and probes the inner theatre that causes a leader to choose certain courses of action.

Also Available:
- In Dutch as "F-Factor: Psychologische Aspecten van het Leiderschap". Published by Sijthoff, Amsterdam
- In French as "Profession Leader". Published by McGraw Hill International, Paris
- In Finnish as "Yritysmaailman Sankarit Ja Haviajat". Published by Weilin and Goos, Helsinki (1991)
- In Indonesian.
- In Greek. Published by Kastaniotis Editions, Athens (2005)
- In German as "Chef-Typen". Published by Gabler, Wiesbaden

Wiley, 1999

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