Mentaliteitverandering in Organisaties (1996)

Manfred Kets de Vries, Katharina Balazs

Mentaliteitverandering in Organisaties

In this book the processes of individual and organizational change their characteristics and dynamics are explored, and resemblances between personal and organizational change are highlighted. Factors such as a period of distress, a crystallization of discontent, a focal event, and a public declaration of intent are shown to play a role in both individual and organizational change. The process of working through the loss associated with change a process that, like the process of mourning, is made of a number of predictable stages: shock, disbelief, discarding, and realization is outlined. Social support, locus of control, and hardiness are introduced as factors facilitating the change process. Finally, a case study showcasing a company that experienced a dramatic transformation is presented to highlight some of the critical change variables and to show how top management can use many of the levers that make for a successful transformation and change program.

Management Briefing, 1996

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