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Organizational Culture, Leadership, Change, and Stress (2009)

Manfred Kets de Vries, Laura Guillén Ramo, Konstantin Korotov

Organizational Culture, Leadership, Change, and Stress

How do organisations become and remain great places to work? In this paper, the authors claim that is precisely the adaptive capability of self-renewal which characterises great places to work. But changing mindsets is never easy and the need for adaptation usually induces a high degree of stress, both at individual and organisational levels. Even if a simple recipe for facing continuous adaptation does not exist, learning how to manage organisational change processes effectively may serve as a platform to motivate people to create better organisations and to keep individual and organisational stress at acceptable levels. This chapter discusses the internal and external pressures that may trigger organisational changes. It explores the four stages of the organisational change process—creating a shared mindset, changing behaviour, institutionalising change, and transforming the organisation. Implications and challenges for practitioners are drawn.



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INSEAD Working Paper, 2009

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