Interview with a Russian Entrepreneur: Ruben Vardanian (2008)

Manfred Kets de Vries, Stanislav Shekshnia

"A profile of Ruben Vardanian, a leading figure on Russia’s capital markets"

This article profiles Ruben Vardanian, one of the leading figures on Russia’s capital markets, and one of the major shareholders of the investment bank Troika Dialog, one of the top credit institutions in Moscow, and an “employers of choice.” The company has played a key role in developing almost all he segments of the country’s stock market. In contrast to many Russian organisations, Vardanian is concerned about creating a “best place to work,” and has gone to great lengths to design a company characterised by transparency, open communication, and team work. He has been the driving force behind the Moscow School of Management (Skolkovo), of which he is the president. Vardanian’s motivation in creating the school is based on his strong belief that it is essential to develop a cadre of entrepreneurs if the Russian mindset is to be changed.

Organizational Dynamics, 2008

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