Decoding the Team Conundrum: The Eight Roles Executives Play (2008)

Manfred Kets de Vries

"The key roles that leaders play"

In this article, a number of leadership archetypes, or roles, and ways of leading in a complex organisational environment are explored. These archetypes represent prototypes for understanding leadership behaviour. Ideally, an executive team-representing a number of leadership archetypes should be able to cover all the leadership needs that are required to make an organisation effective. Eight commonly found leadership archetypes are identified. Each of these leadership archetypes will prove more or less effective depending on the organisational situation. A description is given of each archetype including what it means working with, and managing each of these types. These in-depth descriptions form the foundation of KDVI's team assessment tool, the Leadership Archetype Questionnaire (LAQ™).


Organizational Dynamics, 2008

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