The Shadow Side of Leadership (2009)

Manfred Kets de Vries

"Abnormal is the norm in organisations"

This article describes a number of dysfunctional leadership prototypes found in organisations. Offered as a useful form of shorthand for identification purposes, it helps us understand how we can deal with this dysfunction in ourselves or our leaders. The author argues that such abnormal behaviour is more normal than most are prepared to admit.

Human Capital Review, 2009

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Cornelia Kausch

Nov 7, 3:35 PM

I really would want to sign up in order to read the full article and many and have access to many more.

Nicole Haugland

Feb 21, 6:58 PM

Looking to learn more about this perspective, thank you.

Nikos Lambridis

Nov 11, 4:13 PM

Always a fan!


Apr 9, 10:45 AM

Very interested in the shadow side of leadership, believe it is the key to true personal transformation

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