Know Thyself! (2013)

Manfred Kets de Vries

"The transformative power of executive coaching"

An interview with Manfred Kets de Vries about the transformative power of executive coaching.

OrganisationsEntwicklung, 2013

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"Conundrums coaches face in their practice"

The Group Coaching Conundrum

This article sheds light on the challenges facing coaches when undertaking the journey to becoming a group coach.

Published on 11 Nov, 2014

"Unhealthy dependencies prevent leaders from reaching their full potential"

Mentor or Martyr? Beware the Rescuer Trap

In this article for Human Capital Review, Kets de Vries explores the Rescuer Syndrome—where the need to help becomes a self-serving addiction and—which creates an unhealthy state of dependency and prevents leaders from reaching their full potential.

Published on 6 Jun, 2014

"Leadership in a digital age"

Evolving Leadership in the Digital Age

To become more effective and refective leaders, executives need to learn to improve their behavioural reactions to diffucult situations and develop greater emotional intelligence.

Published on 24 Jul, 2016

"When mentoring becomes an unhealthy dependency"

Need for Reflection When a Helping Hand in the Workplace Goes Too Far

This article addresses how the desire to assist others can slide into a 'rescuer syndrome', in which the mentoring relationship becomes fraught with unhealthy dependency.

Published on 14 Nov, 2013

Reflections on Leadership and Career Development

Reflections on Leadership and Career Development

Reflections on Leadership and Career Development is the second of the three books in the Manfred Kets de Vries on the Couch series. This book takes an in-depth look at the way basic psychological processes operate on individual and corporate performance.

Published on 11 Mar, 2009

"Peer coaching and strategy alignment"

Sometimes Colleagues Are the Best Coaches

This blog entry with the Harvard Business Review discusses how peer coaching interventions can make a huge difference to the implementation of a strategy or change initiative of an organisation.

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"Profile of a group leadership coaching approach"

Leadership Coaching and Organizational Transformation: Effectiveness in a World of Paradoxes

This paper describes the unique leadership coaching approach which focuses not only on what is directly observable, but also on out-of-awareness behaviour.

Published on 1 Jul, 2008

You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger

You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger

This book is all about helping coaches to become more effective. Each chapter presents a profile of a particular type of toxic executive—the narcissist, psychopath, cold fish, obsessive-compulsive, and many more—and offers coaches examples of interventions that have worked—and those that haven't. Kets de Vries offers expert advice from the front line of working with puzzling executives.

Published on 11 Nov, 2015

"A profile of Ruben Vardanian, a leading figure on Russia’s capital markets"

Interview with a Russian Entrepreneur: Ruben Vardanian

This article profiles Ruben Vardanian, one of the leading figures on Russia’s capital markets, and one of the major shareholders of the investment bank Troika Dialog, one of the top credit institutions in Moscow, and an “employers of choice.”

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"The Inner Theatre of Vladimir Putin"

Vladimir Putin, CEO of Russia Inc. The Legacy and the Future

This article compares Russian President Vladimir Putin to effective business executives, studying his performance through the same lenses used to assess CEOs of large corporations, and reviewing the degree to which his various constituencies are satisfied with his performance.

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