Lessons on Leadership by Terror: Finding a Shaka Zulu in the Attic (2005)

Manfred Kets de Vries

Lessons on Leadership by Terror: Finding a Shaka Zulu in the Attic

This book explores the kind of psychological processes that contribute to political terror and the nature of group behavior associated with this phenomenon. The author analyses the special psychological interplay that occurs between despotic leaders and their followers, and scrutinises the mind-set of such leaders. Making sense of the inner theatre of such leaders will not only help to better understand the nature of despotism and totalitarian states, but also create greater awareness of what effective and ineffective leadership is all about.

For the purpose of representation, one of the most controversial African leaders of all times has been selected: Shaka Zulu. In 12 short years this warrior-king, sometimes called the "Black Napoleon" or "African Attila", conquered a territory that was larger than Western Europe. His unification of the many tribes of the South African region and his efforts are directly credited with saving that region from European domination during his lifetime. As the observations made about Shaka Zulu are quite diverse in content, episodes in his life are selected to provide insight into his personality, with attention given to his background, developmental history and his leadership style.

Also Available in Dutch as "De Geest Van Despotisme: Shaka Zoeloe En De Psychologie Van Tirannieke Macht". Published by Nieuwezijds.

Edward Elgar, 2005


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