The Leader on the Couch (2006)

Manfred Kets de Vries

The Leader on the Couch

Despite the proven benefits of emotional intelligence, organisational life has typically been hostile to the inner world of feeling. Rationality is deemed superior to feeling, which can contaminate judgment. But without feeling there is no passion, and no action.

Tapping into the startling parallels between the journey to emotional intelligence, the process of psychoanalysis, the practice of leadership coaching and the Zen journey to enlightenment, the author helps executives, consultants, and coaches to peel back the layers of self-deception and reveal how inner personality–largely hard-wired since early childhood–affects the way they lead and manage others. This book sets out to change people and organisations for the better, by revealing the ‘dark side’ of leadership behaviour and its impact on performance.

Also Available in:

  • Dutch as "Wat Leiders Drijft: een klinische benadering van gedragsverandering in organisaties". Published by Nieuwezijds.
  • Estonian as "Lider Sohval: Kliiniline lähenemine inimeste ja organisatsioonide muutmisele". Published by Äripäev Raamat
  • Russian publication forthcoming by Best Business Books.
  • Romanian publication forthcoming.
  • Finnish as "Johtaja Terapeutin Sohvalla: Lisää Tunneälyä Organisaatioon". Published by Edita Publishing Oy.
  • Lithuanian as "Lyderis Pas PsichoanalitikÄ…; Kaip pažinti save ir vadovauti kitiems". Published by Verslo Zinios.
  • Polish publication forthcoming by Wolters Kluwer Polska Sp. Z o.o.

Wiley, 2006


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