Reflections on Character and Leadership (2009)

Manfred Kets de Vries

Reflections on Character and Leadership

In this book, Manfred Kets de Vries offers an overview of his work spanning four decades, a period in which he has established himself as the leading figure in the clinical study of organisational leadership. It examines some major contemporary issues about leadership and asks: What makes a leader? What is good leadership? And what is bad? What happens to organizations if a leader derails? What are the impacts of successful and failed leadership on followers and organizations? How must organizational leadership respond to globalism and the opening of new markets? The author also looks at the way various dysfunctional character types are thrown into sharp focus against an organisational background. Among the heroes and villains in this book are Alexander of Macedon, Shaka Zulu, Richard Branson, Jack Welch—and numerous executives who have spent time, literally or metaphorically, on the author’s famous couch.

Jossey-Bass, 2009


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