Workplace Wellbeing

The repercussions of COVID-19 on leadership and organisations will be felt for years to come. While stress, anxiety, loneliness and burnout are not new issues in the workplace, they HAVE BECOME an immediate strategic priority. Failing to address mental wellbeing risks eroding People's purpose, connection, engagement and, worst of all, trust.  

Building on three decades of research and practice, and looking ahead to the future of work, we bring a human-centred approach to workplace wellbeing. Our aim is to help create healthy, high performance cultures where people find meaning and thrive. 

Our Approach

We work at the individual and collective level to generate sustainable results, with a focus on:

  • increasing knowledge and awareness about mental health and workplace wellbeing
  • opening and holdng safe spaces for courageous conversations, creating a climate of openness, respect, care and support
  • developing networks of leaders who role model how to take care of themselves while supporting their teams and peers, within and beyond the programmes we deliver


Tailor-made, modular programmes

Developed alongside our global clients, we deliver effective, evidence-based programmes which can be customised and rolled out quickly, be it for one small team or at global scale, virtually or face-to-face. Key components are:


Learning Labs

Based on your context, we draw in facilitators from our team, including professors and lecturers from world leading business schools, to create a series of live, interactive workshops. The focus of these Learning Labs is to build knowledge, open conversations on the attributes of a healthy performance culture and what leaders can do to foster it.

Example topics:

  • New virtual ways of working and mental health
  • Creating psychological safety
  • Leading change in crisis
  • Resilience and adaptation
  • Responsible and values-based leadership


Key outcomes:

  • Greater knowledge, awareness and a shared language to discuss previously 'undiscussable' topics
  • An exchange of experiences, learnings and solutions
  • Tools and tips to make an immediate difference on the job


Decoding Stress Workshops

A pragmatic and reflective programme focused on generating healthy performance through understanding the impact of stress on ourselves and on others and what we can do to promote mental wellbeing. An opportunity for a deep dive into the topic of stress, to learn how to recognise stress-related issues, and how to take appropriate action for oneself and in support of others.

Key outcomes:

  • Toolkit to recognise, triage and support oneself and others to manage stress and promote mental wellbeing
  • Coaching skills to use the tools and to train others to do the same
  • Development of workplace wellbeing role models and 'champions'


Visit our webpage for more information on our Decoding Stress for Positive Well-Being Workshop.


Workplace Wellbeing Leadership Reflection Circles

A flexible, coaching-led method to anchor a culture of openness and peer learning. Our Leadership Reflection Circles force leaders to slow down, pause and reflect, a rare opportunity in these challenging times. Peers, in groups of five, work with a KDVI executive coach to share live challenges and develop solutions together. Circles may focus on a specific theme or set of themes, and content shared in advance can be explored for practical application. In this way, Circles can be used to deepen any learning process.  

Key outcomes:

  • Practical support on previously 'undiscussable' topics
  • Development of a culture of sharing, mutual support and learning from others
  • Creation of a support network that spans the organisation and extends beyond the sessions themselves


For too long, we have swept the topic of mental illness under the carpet, hoping that it will just go away. Given the heightening of mental health issues in these trying times, we need much more openness, transparency and understanding.
Manfred Kets de Vries