The Leadership Mystique


Creating Reflective Leaders

A new programme led by Manfred Kets de Vries. A transformative developmental journey designed for senior leaders or entrepreneurs within large and medium-sized organisations in the private, public or impact sectors who are in a mature phase of their careers and wish to understand human behaviour, both conscious and unconscious, and how it affects their leadership and the functioning of their teams and their organisation.

Programme Overview

Delivered in person over three x 3.5 day modules, this exclusive and intimate programme provides a rich opportunity for leaders to engage with senior peers in deep reflective work and mutual exchange towards new awareness, energy, and transformation so that they can be more effective and have greater impact in their organisation.

Much energy is focused on organisations’ rational side: innovation, strategic agility, and decision-making but when it comes to implementation and inspired performance—getting people to work together towards a goal—the hard truth is that results rarely meet the original objectives. The challenge for leaders is to manage the complexity of systems made up of people with diverse personalities, life experiences, strengths, desires, and preferences. Effective organisational leadership needs to address the ways in which people bring themselves to work and interface with one another. 

Unlike many traditional leadership programmes, live case studies sit at the heart of the programme. Leaders present and discuss critical personal leadership, business, and life challenges in depth. They receive feedback and coaching and engage in creative problem solving and the exchange of best practices. Faculty respond to emerging issues and peer discussions with relevant lecturettes on a variety of topics. These can range from ‘Group Dynamics and Team Building’, ‘Managing Interpersonal Conflict’ to ‘Personal and Organisational Change. 

The final module offers an opportunity to review progress, new developments, and changes that leaders and their peers have made throughout the course of the programme. During the programme, participants will have the opportunity to review their personal leadership style through 360-degree feedback instruments.

Programme Learning Objectives

  • Become a more reflective, self-aware leader.
  • Develop a leadership style for the future.
  • Build teams with a collective mission.
  • Achieve a better work-life balance.
  • Explore organizational culture and how to create tipping points for change.
  • Expand your personal and professional network.

"I started the programme as a proud and successful leader. I left the programme as a more perceptive, human, and effective leader, as a better person, as a better friend, and family member, and as a happier person."