Advancing Women in Leadership


Our Top-Talent Leadership Programme is for senior female executives. A collaborative initiative, the programme is hosted by Roundtable: Women in Leadership (an exclusive senior executive women’s network) and KDVI (a global leadership development and organisational change consultancy). Our combined objective is to inspire talented female executives and to help them advance in their careers. 

Identifying one’s individual and authentic leadership style is key to adding value and having impact at a team and organisational level. However, role models and female peers become increasingly hard to find as women progress into top positions within their organisations. Finding opportunities to develop one’s leadership capabilities can be difficult especially in the absence of female role models and within exclusively masculine leadership organisational cultures.

This Leadership Programme is intended to help cultivate your leadership capabilities and to enhance your strategic network with other senior women. Through in-depth executive group coaching sessions, the use of feedback tools, leadership lectures, inspirational sessions, and the sharing of best practices, participants are given the development they need to make the next step in their career.

How is this women’s leadership programme unique?
  • With the assistance of experienced senior executive coaches, participants are given time to reflect on their leadership style and the opportunity to develop themselves
  • Participants begin to build their network by linking into a pre-established community of very senior, board level female executives
  • Group coaching sessions with peers, developing learning communities that can extend well beyond the length of the programme



‘The intimacy and trust created in this women-only programme made it very powerful – looking back I learned a lot from the mentors and leadership-concepts, but even more from the in-depth sharing and intervision (peer to peer learning). The length of the programme allowed for reflection and practicing the advise and theories and internalising them, which has helped me to take some fundamental steps forward in my personal leadership journey.’

Agnes Kallenberg, Regional Integration Manager, Shell Chemicals Europe

‘The programme has helped me to reflect, to investigate my leadership skills and change my energy, together with inspiring other participants. Sharing and learning together with other participants enriches and offers different perspectives on one’s reality.' 

Nathalie de Jager, Health Business Manager, Zilveren Kruis, Achmea


Learning Goals

  • Gain in depth insights about your own leadership style and the impact you have on others.
  • Explore personal challenges and assumptions and your core motivational drivers.
  • Learn about team - and organisation dynamics and how to influence as to gain better results.
  • Gain in depth insights about your effectiveness within teams.
  • Build a high profile network with (future) female leaders from different organisations.


What you can expect

  • Small group coaching sessions, no bigger than 6 per group, run by highly experienced senior executive coaches 
  • Two KDVI 360º-degree feedback tools: The Global Executive Leadership Mirror® and The Leadership Archetype Questionnaire™
  • In-between module, personal & peer coaching session
  • Peer coaching & shadowing
  • Small and large group discussions
  • Exchange of best practices
  • Networking event with Senior executives
  • Company visit - An outside-in perspective


ROUNDTABLE EVENT (Module 3) During Module 2, in January, participants will be invited to attend a RoundTable/Women in Leadership event This is an exclusive network for female decision makers.         ​