Quo Vadis Leadership Reflection Circles

“At a certain point in life, people transition from 'time to live' to 'time left to live.' This shift creates a new sense of urgency about identifying the purpose of our existence. And as people confront this challenge, they come up against a set of fundamental human needs that collectively define how we experience the meaning of our existence: belonging, purpose, competence, control, and transcendence. Thinking about these five pillars of meaning can help you reinvent your life.”

Quo Vadis: The Existential Challenges of Leaders by Professor Manfred Kets de Vries 


Throughout one’s working life, there are shifts and changes. We journey through first, second and even third careers. Personal, professional and leadership development accompany and support us on our way.  

But there comes a time at the top of our career when this development journey begins to slow down or even ends altogether, and yet paradoxically we are faced with one of life’s biggest inflection points: What lies beyond leadership? What’s next? Where am I heading? 

What IS A quo vadis LRC?

Inspired by experiences and ideas gathered from decades of coaching leaders, and offered exclusively to INSEAD alumni, the Quo Vadis Leadership Reflection Circle is designed to accelerate your thinking and planning for the future during a late career inflection point – whatever your Quo Vadis challenge may be: re-evaluation, retirement or reinvention. 

Working with a small group of peers and facilitated by a senior coach, the five-week programme provides a reflective space to explore the essential pillars of meaning (purpose, belonging, competence, control and transcendence) as they relate to your life and work, and catalysts to help you steer yourself towards the next phase.  

WHAT to expect

You will join a group of 5 alumni who will meet virtually with a coach every week for a total of five sessions of 1,5 hours each over the summer. The Quo Vadis LRC coaches are Senior Associates of the Kets de Vries Institute who bring extensive experience coaching global executives in transition. Sessions will be run based on the coaching methodologies pioneered by Professor Manfred Kets de Vries at INSEAD.  

To register, follow the link to the registration form and select from the avaible dates. If you don't see a date that works for you, please contact the programme coordinator

In preparation, you’ll be asked to complete a reflective questionnaire about your Quo Vadis challenges and selected pre-readings. 


The programme is oriented to experienced executives who, for whatever reason, are re-evaluating life and preparing for a new phase. When forming groups we will pay attention to level of experience, geographic location, specialisations and industries to bring together diverse perspectives in an enriching peer learning group. Please only apply if you are able to commit to the five sessions. 


The LRCs run for five consecutive weeks, at the same time every week for 1.5hrs.

Series 1

Tuesdays @ 10:00 CEST from 29 June – 27 July 2021

Series 2

Thursdays @ 12:00 CEST from 1 July – 29 July 2021

Series 3

Tuesdays @ 16:00 CEST from 6 July – 3 August 2021

Series 4

Wednesdays @ 12:00 CEST from 7th July - 4 August 2021