OCA™ Culture & Change Masterclass


"The prime challenge of organisational leadership is to create places to work that give people meaning, where they can feel truly alive and perform to their very best." Manfred Kets de Vries​


The Organisational Culture Audit (OCA™) is a powerful diagnostic tool for making the hidden dynamics of culture visible and initiating action to create a more effective organisation. It provides a rich starting point for courageous conversations about individual and organisational values, behaviours and imperatives for change.

The OCA™ is designed to: 

  • Create awareness of the unconscious values, beliefs, norms and attitudes that underlie an organisation’s culture
  • Surface gaps between values (espoused culture) and behaviours (lived culture) and between different constituencies (subcultures)
  • Create a shared ambition of the desired culture 
  • Define the values and behaviours required to propel the organisation forward ​


Step 1: The Masterclass - Foundational Certification

This 3-module Masterclass is designed exclusively for senior consultants, coaches and executives who focus on addressing the human dimensions of organisational change and represents the first foundational step towards certification in KDVI's Organisational Culture Audit (OCA) tool. The course introduces a holistic framework to support leadership teams to foster healthy, high-performing organisational cultures, as well as provides opportunities to connect with practitioners to share and learn and become part of a like-minded community. Modular and virtual, the course allows flexibility and accessibility wherever you are in the world. Once completed, participants are welcome to purchase and use the OCA™. 

The Masterclass takes place over 3 modules, run live via webinar:

  • (1) Foundations – Theoretical foundations, holistic diagnostic framework, and overview of the OCA™ and walk through of an OCA™ feedback report
  • (2) Experience – Deep dive into the OCA™ through group work around an engaging and challenging case study
  • (3) In Action - Integrating the OCA™ into projects and exploring case scenarios, best practices and traps


The Virtual Masterclass is designed to be participatory, with content and group work done before and after each module and the virtual sessions designed for interactive discussions, knowledge sharing and problem solving.

Step 2: Client Application - Advanced Certification

Given the complexity of organisational culture interventions we have devised a second step towards full certification. Full certification and confidence in deploying the tool is acheived either via:

Supervised application of the OCA™ with a client. 

Supervision takes the form of 3 supervision calls: (1) before the tool launch to support on objectives, hypotheses, category selection and framing with the client, (2) once the OCA™ report is generated to provide support in reviewing the results and preparing the client debrief, and (3) post client debrief to support on outcomes, next steps, and to reflect on the experience. A case reflection paper is to be written up by the participant. We preview approximately 7-10 hours for the supervision calls. 

Consulting co-delivery of a first intervention as a guided learning process. 

A KDVI Associate partners with the participant to frame a client intervention, interpret the results, and design and run a client debrief.  Post the client intervention, there is a debrief between the participant and the KDVI Associate to exchange feedback and insights. Pricing is project specific. 


"The workshop was fantastic - very high quality, engaging, fun, practically useful and all enjoyed with a stimulating set of peers and connections." Jan 2020 participant


If you are interested in the OCA™ Masterclass you may also be interested in attending KDVI's online GELM® Certification to gain an understanding of the design, development and application of this 360-degree feedback leadership tool. For more information visit our GELM® Certification page.