this masterclass introduces a Tool framework and approach for leadership teams to foster healthy, high-performing organisational CULTURES. ONCE completed, participants are welcome to purchase and use the OCA™. 

Organisational culture supports the realisation of a company’s strategy. Organisations who have a cohesive and connected culture are those whose character and values inspire, give their people a sense of clarity and meaning, and encourage productive behaviours. 

Leadership and culture are inextricably linked. As cultural heads of the organisation, leaders shape and define the character of the organisation and role model desired values and behaviours to their people. Building sustainable and healthy cultures must be “owned” by the leadership team. A process alone cannot deliver lasting change and responsibility for change cannot be delegated. 

Most change interventions fail as the human factor is often neglected and leadership responsibility is overlooked.

KDVI advises and supports organisations to define and live their purpose. We help leaders to initiate change processes, challenging and supporting where required to achieve the desired changes.

The Organisational Culture Audit (OCA™) starts from where the organisation is. It surfaces gaps & creates awareness of what the company says it does and what it really does.  From there, it can discern the type of culture it needs to create, and steps for creating a shared sense of identity and destiny.

Its uniqueness is its ability to surface hidden dynamics of culture for initiating dialogue, alignment and action within the leadership team to create a more cohesive and purpose-driven organisation. 

The OCA™ is a powerful tool to use as part of a leadership intervention to provide a rich starting point for collective sense-makingand courageous conversations about individual and organisational values, behaviours and imperatives for change. 

Who should participate?

The Masterclass is designed exclusively for senior consultants, coaches and executives who focus on addressing the human dimensions of organisational change and represents the first foundational step towards certification in KDVI's OCA™ tool. 

what will i learn?

Step 1: The Masterclass - Foundational Certification

The Masterclass takes place over 5 modules, run live via webinar:

  • Module 1. Foundations Theoretical foundations, holistic diagnostic framework, and overview of the OCA™ and walk through of an OCA™ feedback report
  • Module 2. Small group work OCA™  case discussion in small groups
  • Module 3. OCA™ Journey from start to finish Deep dive into the OCA™ from contracting to delivery to follow up through an engaging and challenging case study
  • Module 4. You and your practice Participant case studies around using the OCA™ with their clients/organisation
  • Module 5. Integrating the OCA™ into larger change projects Overview of KDVI change framework and how to integrate the OCA™ into projects through case scenarios, best practices and traps

The Masterclass is designed to be participatory, with content and group work done before and after each module. These sessions allow for interactive discussions, knowledge sharing and problem solving.

Step 2: Client Application - Advanced Certification

Given the complexity of organisational culture interventions we have devised a second step towards full certification. Full certification and confidence in deploying the tool is acheived either via:

Supervised application of the OCA™ with a client. 

Supervision takes the form of 3 supervision calls: (1) before the tool launch to support on objectives, hypotheses, category selection and framing with the client, (2) once the OCA™ report is generated to provide support in reviewing the results and preparing the client debrief, and (3) post client debrief to support on outcomes, next steps, and to reflect on the experience. A case reflection paper is to be written up by the participant. We preview approximately 7-10 hours for the supervision calls. 

Consulting co-delivery of a first intervention as a guided learning process. 

A KDVI Associate partners with the participant to frame a client intervention, interpret the results, and design and run a client debrief.  Post the client intervention, there is a debrief between the participant and the KDVI Associate to exchange feedback and insights. Pricing is project specific. 


"The workshop was fantastic - very high quality, engaging, fun, practically useful and all enjoyed with a stimulating set of peers and connections." Jan 2020 participant

"The OCA Masterclass will equip you with the knowledge of an excellent tool with real-life applications for you to optimize your work with organizational culture.” Sept 2020 participant

“The OCA is an excellent and versatile tool for starting a conversation about 'getting from here to there’.” Sept 2020 participant

upcoming dates

Our masterclass is paced over approximately 4 weeks and 5 online modules.

October 2022 - Language English - Times CET

Facilitated by Margot Schumacher + Alicia Cheak


 Pre-reading, participant survey and case preparation 

 Module 1 09:00-11:30

 Thur 13th October

 Module 2 09:00-10:30

 Thur 20th October (Group work)

 Module 3 09:00-11:30

 Thur 27th October

 Module 4 09:00-11:30

 Thur 3rd November

 Module 5 09:00-11:30

 Thur 10th November










Feburary 2023 - Language English - Times CET

Facilitated by Margot Schumacher + Alicia Cheak


 Pre-reading, participant survey and case preparation 

 Module 1 09:00-11:30

 Mon 6th Feburary

 Module 2 09:00-10:30

 Mon 13th Feburary (Group work)

 Module 3 09:00-11:30

 Mon 20th Feburary

 Module 4 09:00-11:30

 Mon 6th March

 Module 5 09:00-11:30

 Wed 15th March

September 2023 - Language English - Times CET

Facilitated by Claire Finch + Alicia Cheak


 Pre-reading, participant survey and case preparation 

 Module 1 16:00-18:30

 Mon 11th September

 Module 2 16:00-17:30

 Mon 18th September (Group work)

 Module 3 16:00-18:30

 Mon 25th September

 Module 4 16:00-18:30

 Mon 2nd October

 Module 5 16:00-18:30

 Mon 9th October



















Continuing your journey

If you are interested in the OCA™ Masterclass you may also be interested in attending KDVI's online GELM® Certification to gain an understanding of the design, development and application of this 360-degree feedback leadership tool.