Session #1 - Summary (April 28)


We are pleased to welcome Manfred Kets de Vries for a second Q&A session on his work with leaders and organisations.

This session traces the origins of the psychodynamic-system approach in organisational study, its core elements and how it can be applied to understanding the complexities and paradoxes inherent in organisational life, and in particular to the current crisis.

One of the underlying mechanisms is expressive narrative through writing, storytelling or the live case method, and how personal stories and the telling of stories can help bring the complexity of human issues back into the organisation.

We see this continuously throughout the conversation, in which Manfred, through free associations, humour, anecdotes, remembrances and imagined futures, reaches out to connect and inspire individual reflection and agency. This element of hope is even more necessary during periods of crisis.


Read the Session's abbreviated transcript here

See the Session's Zoom video recording here. 

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