KDVI’S SIGNATURE GROUP COACHING PRACTICUM Develops confidence and skills in psychodynamic-systemic group coaching.

Our Group Coaching Practicum is one of our signature professional development programmes.

This transformational and highly practical 10-day programme is paced over nine months, and combines theory, technique, and supervision while enabling participants to develop their own style as a coach.

Delivered entirely online, the course brings together professionals from across the globe, providing a safe space to not only learn and sharpen understanding of the transformative impact of psychodynamic-systemic group coaching, but also to live group coaching – working together to experience the tipping points required for change.



The practicum is designed for:

  • Experienced coaches who wish to broaden their practice to working with groups
  • Senior team leaders and experienced consultants with coaching skills who wish to deepen their understanding of groups and teams.


Programme participants are selected on their maturity, diversity and depth of experience, psychological sensitivity, and the sense of purpose that drives their work with leaders. We welcome participants from all corners of the world, from a range of sectors and with varying expertise.

What Will I learn?


Add credibility to your group coaching practice through CCE accreditation - This is a Continuing Coach Education (CCE) programme. On completion, you will gain core competency credits and resource development credits. These can be used towards the renewal requirements of an ICF credential. 

For organisational coaches and team leaders, group coaching can be used to foster cohesive high performing teams, promote a learning and feedback culture and transform yourself into a reflective and powerful agent of change.


The programme is designed around 5 modules. Each module provides a combination of learning, connecting and applying, so that you can develop and deepen your group coaching skills as well as learn from peers and experienced coaches. Throughout the programme, you will also engage in peer intervision, 1:1 supervision with your coach, reflective journaling, and a personal development plan to expand awareness and enhance your learning.

Module 1: Psychodynamic-Systemic Foundations & Self as Instrument

  • Creating psychological safety
  • Psychodynamic-system framework for group coaching
  • Using self as instrument: Experience group coaching as a participant
  • Identify your professional development needs for group coaching

Module 2: Managing Group Dynamics

  • Overview of group coaching dynamics
  • Experience group dynamics
  • Explore group coaching styes and tools
  • Design a group coaching session


Module 3: Group Coaching in Action

  • Group coaching of peer group
  • Experience group coaching with different tools


Module 4: How to Apply Group Coaching

  • Explore coaching for team performance
  • Planning the client journey from beginning to end
  • Tricky coaching testimonials from experienced coaches


Application with real groups or teams

  • Practice group coaching in an organisation and write up a case of the project and reflection paper


Module 5: Consolidation

  • Sharing application experiences and cases
  • Consolidate key learnings, takeaways and celebrating success
  • Q&A with guest speaker


‘The willingness to be open and sharing transparently what was happening and needed. The diversity of methods at display or hear about through sharing from others.’ 

‘The flexibility of dealing with what's in the room; the ability to create a safe space for deep and intense conversation; the breadth of insight and approach’ 

‘I have appreciated the many check-ins and transparent discussions. 

The coaches… ‘are capable of staying tuned to "where we are" without pushing us too much to speed up the learning and digestion process.’ 

‘I found particularly effective the connections among theory, practice, and reflection afterward. I felt there was enough space to interact and express ourselves within a well-defined framework and guide.’ 


Should you need assistance about the programme requirements, check whether your profile is suitable before submitting your application, or wish to discuss how this programme can meet your professional development needs, please contact the programme coordinator.