GELMĀ® Certification


The KDVI Global Executive Leadership Mirror (GELM®) provides a comprehensive framework to kick-start richer and more meaningful leadership development conversations and actions.

Being certified in the GELM® will give you the skills and confidence to optimise the tool, as well as opportunities to connect with other certified practitioners to share and learn, becoming part of a like-minded community.

The course is modular and virtual, allowing flexibility and accessibility wherever you are in the world.

hands-on course, packed with content

There are 3 modules, run live via webinar:

Module 1 - Group session, providing an overview of the GELM® & guidelines for reading and interpreting the report.

Module 2 - 1-to-1 deep dive into your own personal GELM® report.

Module 3 - Group debrief of GELM® case report, supervised by the facilitator.

Resources include

  • Access to the GELM® development tool, prior to Module 1, to generate your own, personal report, including a Participant Guide and a Facilitator Handbook
  • A complimentary GELM® development tool to be used post certification
  • These GELM® resources are worth a total of £660
  • A starter kit for immediate success - including presentation slides, reading material, a ”GELM® Certified” badge for use on email signature, website, LinkedIn etc
  • Become part of a peer-learning alumni group

take your practice to the next level  

  • Gain hands on experience in drawing out actionable insights to unlock your clients' leadership potential
  • Connect feedback to reflection, goal setting and action planning, aimed at transforming leadership effectiveness
  • Understand the theoretical basis and development of the GELM®, as well as how to administer the tool
  • Certificates can be issued, upon request, stating that "these hours may be used for ICF credential renewal in the area of Resource Development"


The course is designed for those working in talent and leadership development, executive coaching & consulting and those with an interest in psychodynamic-systemic approaches to leadership, team & organisational development.


Read more about the GELM® here