Global Executive Leadership Mirror (GELM®) Certification



The Global Executive Leadership Mirror (GELM ®) questionnaire is the result of an ongoing decade-long research project at INSEAD’s Global Leadership Centre (IGLC), investigating the behaviour patterns of effective global executives. The questionnaire, which consists of 110 statements, was developed to help executives evaluate their performance in carrying out the twelve primary tasks of global leaders. It also covers a number of indicators such as life stressors and coping mechanisms to determine their ability to manage stress in their life and to ensure sustained leadership performance.

hands-on course, packed with content and peer interaction

There are 5 modules, run live via webinar:

Module 1 - Foundations of the GELM®: Models, diagnostic frameworks and sample report

Module 2 - Group work on real cases

Module 3 - Share your learning through GELM® case analyses, debrief approach and coaching themes

Module 4 - Apply your learning through peer coaching on the GELM®, supervised by the facilitator

Module 5 - Consolidate learning through intervision with peer coaching insights and learnings followed by a final Q&A

Resources include

  • Access to the GELM® development tool, prior to Module 1, to generate your own, personal report, including a Participant Guide and a Facilitator Handbook
  • A complimentary GELM® development tool to be used post certification
  • These GELM® resources are worth a total of £660
  • A starter kit for immediate success - including presentation slides, reading material, a ”GELM® Certified” badge for use on email signature, website, LinkedIn etc
  • Become part of a peer-learning alumni group

take your COACHING practice to the next level  

  • Gain hands on experience in drawing out actionable insights to unlock your clients' leadership potential
  • Connect feedback to reflection, goal setting and action planning, aimed at transforming leadership effectiveness
  • Understand the theoretical basis and development of the GELM®, as well as how to administer the tool
  • On completion, you will gain 6,5 core competency credits and 4,5 resource development credits that you can use towards the renewal requirements of an International Coach Federation (ICF) credential. 


The course is designed for those working in talent and leadership development, executive coaching & consulting and those with an interest in psychodynamic-systemic approaches to leadership, team & organisational development.


'The GELM® certification programme was well organised and taught. I found the process thorough because the debriefing of my 360 helped both equip me in learning how to best facilitate the tool and also provided me with deep insights personally. Also, the calibre of the other participants was strong and made the learning process richer. I highly recommend the certification.' 

Uche Ezichi, Leadership and Career Coach, keynote speaker and seminar leader​

Read more about the GELM® here

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