Family Business Advisor Masterclass


In the Family Business Advisor Masterclass, we introduce the essential theoretical foundations, skills and attitudes required to support business families in transition. The course is designed for senior coaches, consultants, mediators and advisers who wish to build their credibility, develop their practice, deepen their impact, and expand their network.

The Family Business Advisor Masterclass is a collaboration between KDVI and Professor Christine Blondel.


  • Family business dynamics, values, leadership, governance, transmission and succession
  • The diversity and complementarity of advisor roles
  • The importance of Fair Process in business family transitions
  • Through real cases, develop an understanding of the process, skills, attitudes and experience to bring to client engagements
  • Practical communications, governance frameworks and tools
  • A global approach, not specific to any particular jurisdiction


This is a virtual course delivered across 5 modules based on real cases and employing the practical facilitation and coaching methods and processes developed by Christine in her work with business families. There will also be some prework between Modules.

  • Module 1: Family Business Foundations – Participant introduction, speed dating & code of conduct, introduction to advising business families, exploring the different advisor roles, founder to siblings case
  • Module 2: Case work and governance - Preparatory case work, establishing a family council, family charter and board of directors, siblings to cousins case
  • Module 3: Testimonial, the advising process and co-coaching exercise- Sourcing, contracting, running the mission, follow-up and supervision and co-coaching in triads
  • Module 4: Your own case – Live cases: what are the issues at stake, what process, skills, attitudes and experiences do they require?
  • Module 5: Consolidation – Bespoke content addressing your questions and conclusions

An individual supervision session with Professor Blondel, to take place within 6 months of Module 5, can be included as optional at the price of £300 for an hour.

The Masterclass will run in French and English. Please indicate your preferred language upon registration.  Check the sidebar for dates and times.


The Masterclass is designed for senior consultants, coaches, and other advisors who work with family businesses in transition. Participants will be asked to complete a pre-registration questionnaire.

We offer a customised programme for business family members - to find out more contact