CEO Leadership Forum


The CEO Leadership Forum is an intensive 4-day retreat allowing CEOs to learn from esteemed peers. Led by Mandred Kets de Vries and Elisabet Engellau, this exclusive and intimate retreat provides a rich opportunity for deep reflective work and mutual exchange towards change and transformation. Through live case studies and peer coaching, executives will convene to engage and debate CEO specific issues such as:

  • Creating high performance organisations
  • Aligning vision and action
  • Developing effective top executive teams
  • Managing stakeholders
  • The career trajectory
  • Succession planning
  • The dynamics of family business

Learning Goals

  • Become a more reflective leader
  • Better understand your leadership style
  • Review personal behavioural patterns
  • Further develop your career and life
  • Achieve a better life balance


This forum is about reconnecting with peers and refreshing your perspective and energy so that you can be more effective and have greater impact when you return to your organisation.


What You Can Expect

The core of the methodology is the Live Case study, in which executives present particular challenges they are facing. Together, participants will discuss their business and life challenges and receive feedback from members of the group. As a group, they will also engage in creative problem solving and the exchange of best practices. When appropriate, the faculty will present short lecturettes. Participants will also receive personal coaching from the faculty to go deeper into personal issues and challenges.

Participants will address:

  • Their business aspirations
  • The undiscussables of organisational life
  • Complex organisational or personal challenges


The participants will also be encouraged to:

  • Engage in courageous conversations
  • Provide mutual counsel
  • Improve their active listening skills
  • Reflect on the meaning of their work
  • Work to align professional and life goals
  • Discuss issues regarding personal and organisational renewal​