establishing a hybrid working practice

The COVID 19 crisis has forced people and organizations into working and interacting in virtual spaces. These spaces, and how we work in them, are now becoming hybrid and emergent – but are they emerging in a good way? 

Virtual and office spaces are human systems that require healthy cultures to be effective. Changes to long-standing working practice habits is challenging and can be anxiety provoking. As new ways of working move from being essential crisis responses to embedded business practices, we have an opportunity to understand and support healthy cultures in what will be new and blended environments. 

KDVI’s aim is to positively impact how people enter and engage in new working practices post the initial COVID disruptions. 

The Programme

In response to the changing situation for organizations, KDVI is offering an online, practical, two-module, client-specific programme with tips and tools for leaders, managers, and experts to address the challenges of establishing a hybrid working practice (blend of office and remote).

We address 4 things you need to KNOW as a leader and subsequently 4 things you need to DO in order to tackle crucial issues raised by the changes. In this way, the Programme takes a hands-on approach by working with participants to review their live leadership and organisational challenges for real, practical outcomes. The main programme components are detailed below.



  • Each Module is composed of a learning event paired with a group coaching session.
  • Learning event: An interactive workshop that builds knowledge and triggers conversations.
  • Coaching sessions: Deepen the understanding of the content and allows participants to apply their learnings to their own context and challenges. 
  • Customizable to address specific client needs, 
  • Can be rolled out quickly, for one small team or at global scale. 



  • Cohort sizes for the learning events are ideally composed of 15-25 participants
  • Group coaching sessions are for 4-6 participants each. 



We draw in facilitators and executive coaches from our team, including professors and lecturers from world leading business schools. 


Design: Key Topics, Learning Objectives & Intended Impact

4 things to KNOW as a leader 4 things to DO as a leader


  • What Hybrid Working Means for you and Your Team
  • The most common challenges you and your team will find in adapting to Hybrid Working
  • Why Connection is critical to successful Hybrid Working
  • How boundaries and communication make or break the shift to Hybrid Working


  • Build an inclusive, open, and creative Mindset to effectively lead your team
  • Walking the talk - role model essential behaviours 
  • Harness collective problem solving to build individual and collective responsibility across your team
  • Nurture psychological safety by focusing on people as well as processes
Objectives /Impact Objectives /Impact


  • Bring clarity to leading in a Hybrid Environment
  • Flag accidental traps and highlight quick wins
  • Take your team with you in a joint Hybrid Working journey
  • Consciously build a healthy Hybrid team culture – “hope is not a strategy”


  • Increased awareness for taking multiple perspectives and working in a holistic way
  • Ensure behaviours actively support hybrid working
  • Create a healthy culture for working in both the physical and virtual world
  • Make Hybrid working a collective responsibility

To find out more about the programme or to enquire about rolling it out for your team or organization, please contact KDVI.


The prime challenge of organizational leadership is to create places of work that give people meaning, where they can feel truly alive and perform to their very best. 

Manfred Kets de Vries​