Foundations of Leadership—Know and Motivate Yourself


Foundations of Leadership is a transformational leadership experience which provides leaders a time and space to reflect on where they are in their career life cycle, what they want to achieve, and what leadership skills they need to take them there. It aims to improve leader’s understanding of individual leadership skills through the process of self-reflection–examining and understanding ones personality and motivations and how these relate to their leadership style.

Going beyond the directly observable, the exploration of the underlying dynamics that influence the behaviour of individuals and groups in organisations will equip leaders with the know how to manage complex relationships between leaders and followers.

Learning Goals

  • Understand what makes for successful leadership in a global world
  • Explore major themes in professional and personal life through self-reflection
  • Acquire greater awareness of personal leadership strengths and areas for improvement
  • Understand the importance of emotional intelligence, becoming more effective in managing oneself and others
  • Understand better how to relate to others and handle conflict
  • Recognise the need for ongoing, adaptive learning strategies
  • Develop a better balance between personal and organisational life

Day 1 Introduction

  • Leadership fundamentals
  • Introduction to KDVI framework
  • Presentation of the Leadership audit
  • Introduction to coaching and Feedback

Day 2 Coaching and Feedback

  • Group coaching with 360° feedback using 'Life Case' presentations
  • Mapping personality styles to leadership behaviours       



Day 3 Action Planning

  • Developing a personal action plan
  • Consider ways to embed learning back into the organisation
  • Synthesis and wrap up