Effective Organisational Development & Transformation—Creating Best Places to Work


Organisational culture is the foundation of an organisation’s uniqueness and identity. It informs its vision, mission, strategy, structure and principles. When we understand an organisation’s culture, we understand why the organisation does what it does and achieves what it achieves.

Effective Organisational Development and Transformation engages participants in an in-depth look at their company culture and to stimulate discussions on systemic issues, the type of organisational culture they want, and the changes needed to get them there.

Discussions focus on organisational complexity, culture and values and the challenges of leading change and transformations. The objective is to harness the collective energy and intellect of the group
to create an action plan for organisational development and change at a larger scale.

Learning Goals

  • Gain a better understanding of organisational climate and culture
  • Align values and behaviour to strategy
  • Address systemic barriers to organisational effectiveness
  • Think about the future direction of the organisation and values that are needed
  • Break down organisational silos and open up opportunities for knowledge sharing
  • Identify structures needed to unleash creativity and innovation
  • Learn how to create a coaching and learning culture based on feedback
  • Develop an action plan for organisational change

Day 1 Introduction

  • Overview of organisational culture, what purpose it serves, and how to diagnose it
  • Discussion on what makes for an effective corporate culture
  • Presentation of OCA results

Day 2 Organisational Analysis

  • Group discussion on the organisation’s current culture and values
  • Assess alignment and misalignment of values and behaviours with strategy
  • Discussion on the future of the company, upcoming challenges & opportunities, and actions needed to reshape the culture

Day 3 Action planning

  • Identifying levers for organisational change
  • Creating an action plan for organisational development & transformation