Customised Solutions

KDVI’s custom programmes form a learning and development journey focused on real-world challenges with the goal to improve leadership effectiveness, reshape and realign team dynamics and create high-performance cultures and organisations. It is comprised of three core senior leadership development workshops in which participants gain in-depth understanding of the often hidden drivers of interactions, effectiveness and performance. As individuals and teams they will learn to use this knowledge for the benefit of the organisation.

Leadership Audit

KDVI conducts Leadership Audits to provide clients with an overview of salient organisational issues and challenges. Consisting of a set of in-depth interviews by KDVI Senior Associates with senior members of the management team and other key stakeholders, the Audit provides a rich picture and a detailed overview of the organisational climate—such as strategic challenges, leadership skills and capabilities, alignment or misalignment within the top leadership team, resistances to and receptiveness to change, critical challenges for the future, etc. We recommend an Audit with any new intervention we do with new clients to help plan a roadmap for development and change.

Foundations of Leadership—Know and Motivate Yourself

Introduction to KDVI’s framework for understanding leadership effectiveness and for participants to begin to work of their own individual leadership skills.

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Leading High Performance Teams—Know & Motivate others

Focuses on team roles and dynamics, exploring the recurring patterns of behaviour that influence an individual’s effectiveness within teams and the performance of teams as a whole.

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Effective Organisational Development & Transformation—Creating Best Places to Work

Focuses on understanding organisational complexity, culture and values as well as leading change and transformation in organisations.

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