The Psychology of Happiness



This lecture addresses the question of what happiness is and how to deconstruct this elusive concept. Several essential aspects of happiness are explored including someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for. The lecture also addresses the need to achieve balance in life which includes resolving the dichotomy between outward and inner success. The importance of play in people’s lives is examined along with the role of stress—another important topic in the happiness equation. In the search for happiness, people have to strive for authenticity and an effort needs to be made to know oneself.

Learning Goals

  • Explore the essential elements in the happiness equation
  • Distinguish outward from inward success
  • Learn how to achieve equilibrium in both public and private life
  • Learn how to avoid traps in the career maze
  • Learn the importance of managing stress and developing resilience
  • Understand the importance of play for inspiration and creativity