High Performance Teams & Organisations



This lecture focuses on creating and managing high performance teams. The creation of strongly aligned teams, in turn, becomes the basis for creating high performance organisations. What are the ingredients for a high performance team? How can an organisation’s culture support the creation of such teams? How can an organisation become a ‘best place to work’ in which people perform at their very best? What features make a particular culture unique? What changes to organisational culture make a company more effective? The class also deals with the process of successful individual and organisational change.

Learning Goals

  • Understand the ingredients for creating a high performance team
  • Understand the recurring patterns of behaviour that influence an individual’s effectiveness within a team
  • Learn about the key roles in top teams and how to configure teams for higher engagement and performance
  • Learn about authentizotic organisations where people can be themselves and perform at their best
  • Learn how to create organisations without boundaries, characterised by cooperation, networking and true knowledge management