KDVI provides a series of innovative and insightful lectures and interactive discussions which address key business challenges and leadership skills, with an emphasis on how to apply the learning back in the organisation. 


Lecture themes are customised to the needs and interests of our clients and cover a range of topics such as career life cycle, role transitions including on-boarding and succession planning, executive stress, top team alignment, high performance teams, family business, cross-cultural management, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation and organisational change.

We provide keynote speakers for all types of events, small or large, in-house or external. If you want some ideas on how we can design a master class for you, please send us an enquiry.


What is transformational leadership all about? What sets effective leaders apart?

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Are leaders always rational? What are the motivational forces of self and others' behaviours?

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What makes leaders derail? What factors trigger leadership failure? What are there warning signs?

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What are the ingredients for high performance teams? What role does organisational culture play?

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How we can trigger our brain to change? How do we create new neural processes?

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What do executives want out of life? How do they define success, meaning and happiness?

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