KDVI interventions are carried out through a collaborative, emergent process of inquiry and delivery in close partnership with clients. We design interventions that are relevant, challenging, and ultimately sustainable.



KDVI’s lectures deliver relevant content that is targeted to the organisation’s specific area of interest. Drawing on latest academic research as well as practitioner experience, interactive discussions with KDVI faculty members help to integrate new insights into a particular organisational context. Lectures can be delivered to small groups as well as large audiences on a variety of topics.

Leadership programmes

Our customised and professional development programmes are designed to take participants on a high impact and meaningful development journey that leads to a sustainable learning and growth. All our programmes can be adapted in scope, targeting individual leaders to leadership teams to organisations as a whole.

Leadership coaching

Executive coaching provides a challenging yet supportive working partnership that benefits individuals, teams and the organisation in which they work by providing a safe space in which leaders can assess and deal with the everyday dilemmas of their professional and private life. KDVI coaches are experienced group facilitators, skilled at helping people identify and delve deeply into areas for development.

Leadership development tools

KDVI’s proprietory 360° feedback leadership development tools are specifically designed for executive development. Grounded in strong theoretical foundations as well as practitioner experience, our instruments have undergone years of testing and have been used by thousands of executives around the world.


KDVI has a research team of management and leadership scholars, with a multi-disciplinary background in economics, psychology, sociology, anthropology and psychoanalysis. We adopt an evidence-based approach based on 40 years of research and practice in the psychodynamic-systemic framework to provide the basis for and credibility to our intervention methodology and instrumentation development.