Providing a top business school wih high level executive coaching


A national school of economics


A privately owned leading business school. The school had contacted KDVI to provide a coaching module within a broader executive leadership programme.


To provide participants with a group coaching intervention as part of a larger executive development programme.


A multiyear collaboration with the business school involving an annual workshop using KDVI methodology of 360° feedback instrument delivered to senior executives (30/cohort) involving 4 KDVI Associates.


The intervention consisted of a Masterclass by Manfred Kets de Vries followed by the Leadership Exercise, discussions and lectures on effective leadership with case studies as well as 2 days of group coaching (in three groups of 10) using client-specified instruments. The coaching was linked to the broader executive programme with the school following up with action plans.


The intervention provided a time and space for executives to reflect and to bring up and address a lot of new issues they would not have thought of, namely thinking about their career and dealing with similar work challenges.