Coaching for agility


A public research university


A long-standing collegiate public research university in the midst of setting up an advanced executive education programme offering senior executives the opportunity to step outside their professional and personal lives and look at the issues and challenges they face in a changing future. It focuses on providing executives with agility, a broader outlook of the ecosystem they are working in, and providing them with tools to master this environment. KDVI was asked to provide the coaching part of the programme.


The programme was an international executive programme with top executives from 18 nationalities and diverse industries and functions. The objective of the group coaching intervention was to provide executives with dedicated time to think about where they were in their career trajectory, to share experiences and to think holistically about their leadership style and personal development.


A one to one coaching intervention with each of the programme participants in the 2nd week of a three-week programme.


The intervention consisted of a full day of coaching with GELI and the Personal Feedback Page followed by a half day of individual coaching. Following the coaching module, two follow up coaching calls were made.


The intervention provided a time and space for individual to reflect and to bring up and address issues they would not have thought of, to increase self awareness and self understanding as well as better understanding of others, and to think about their career and life choices.