Creating high performing teams


Recruitment and talent management firm


A global talent management firm with 2000+ employees, with candidates in over 20 countries. The new CEO wanted to dramatically restructure the company on to a more integrated organisation, which at that time, was comprised of the parent company and small companies throughout the world. The objective was to adopt a more centralised approach, which included articulating a common vision, providing talent management services in a more coherent way, sharing experiences across the different local organisations, and improving overall delivery to clients. To deploy the new strategy, the CEO put together a global top management team. KDVI was asked by the CEO to help make this team a high performing team.


To align the top management team so that they can work effectively together to execute the company’s new strategy.


A single intervention of a top team consisting of two modules with 2 KDVI members.


The intervention started with a conference with Top 100 worldwide with Manfred Kets de Vries providing a keynote speech. This was followed by a workshop for the tom management team of 9 members with 2 KDVI Faculty. The Leadership Audit, GELI and PA™ were used as preparatory instruments. A half-day introduction was followed by 2.5 days of group coaching.

A year later, a follow up workshop, which also took place over 2.5 days, focused on team dynamics. It was conducted with a team of 11 members (some of the members were replaced by new ones) using the Team Strengths Questionnaire and LAQ™. Using the Team Strengths Exercise, participants wrote down where they felt the team was on a scale of 1-10 and then had a discussion on behaviours the team needed to change in order to reach their desired number. The group also worked on the LAQ™ results to come up with a personal and team plans. The Personal Immunity exercise was also used to identify specific ways a leader could build up resilience in order to become drive team performance. During the second day, the group worked on Competing Commitments as a team and spent the afternoon session on the Leader as Coach exercise, which provided each member to engage in peer coaching.  The second evening, the team also participated in a group cooking exercise. The CEO and HRD as well as the 2 KDVI Faculty provided feedback on group dynamic and discussion.


As part of major restructuring of company, KDVI’s intervention resulted in change in the leadership team with two of the original members remaining. In doing so, the CEO was able to craft a more aligned team by bringing in higher quality team members who could work more effectively together to enhance the quality of services. Following the intervention, some of the members also continued individual coaching.