From individual to group coaching: Having courageous conversations

Client 2

An independent oil and gas exploration company


An independent oil and gas exploration company with 1300+ employees. One of the KDVI coaches had an ongoing coaching relationship with the CEO. Through their coaching conversations, issues related to the top management team emerged. A decision was made to provide a group coaching intervention to the top management team.


The goals, as identified by the CEO, were to give attention to individual top management team members, build group dynamics so they could be come more effective as a team, and build a feedback culture within the team so they could more easily access and communicate with each other.


A single intervention involving a two-module group coaching intervention with the top team conducted by 1 KDVI Faculty member.


The top team was taken to a remote location in order to provide a space for them to reflect outside their everyday working lives. The workshop started with a discussion on individual leadership; what each of them wanted to do as a leader. Group coaching was conducted with KDVI’s proprietary instruments (GELI), with each individual spending a couple of hours in the “hot seat” in a deep discussion of their leadership behaviours and challenges. Although there was no formal action plan at the end, each leader had to commit to themselves and to the team to change something in their behavioural repertoire.

A 2nd module served as a follow up to previous commitments as well as an exploration of team dynamics using the LAQ™.


The intervention resulted in the top management team knowing one another more deeply, developing thicker relationships, improving the ability to talk more candidly and courageously with each other, allowing them to call each other out on things and to have difficult conversations, improved individual and team effectiveness and helped the CEO to understand team and individuals better as well as provided others an in-depth look at other members of the team.