Rebuilding leadership team morale in the aftermath of an M&A


A credit insurance company


A large credit insurance company with global reach and 3000+ employees. The company was purchased by a holding company which resulted in severe cost cutting and little investment in its people. As such morale was low. The organisation had created a new development programme for the top leadership team working at one level below the Board. 


Major themes of the program were: leading yourself, leading direct reports, leading teams and managing up. KDVI was approached to support the leadership development process.


An ongoing programme, comprised of one module lasting 3 days, with 16 participants from several European countries. The programme takes place every other year and is designed to co-exist with other development programmes within the company.  Its content supports the content within existing programmes without conflicting or providing a repetitive experience.


The design comprises an introduction, lectures, discussions, exercises, group coaching, individual coaching, action planning and summing up.  The focus of the workshop is to introduce KDVI’s  framework for understanding leadership and beginning to work on one’s own individual leadership skills. The Leadership Audit, GELI and PA were used as preparatory instruments. The workshop opened with a lecture on leadership fundamentals, followed by an introduction to 360° feedback and group coaching as well as the distribution of results to participants. The next day was dedicated to group coaching in three groups of 5-6 participants, concluding with a personal action plan. The third day opened with individual and peer coaching in the morning, followed by a Fair Process Lecture and Discussion, Hidden Commitments Mindset Exercise and a Summing Up. Individual follow up calls were conducted 2 months after the workshop.


The intervention enabled and empowered participants to confront and address salient issues related to feelings of powerlessness in the aftermath of the takeover as well as to look for creative ways to reframe their situation by leveraging on their strengths and to be proactive in order to move forward.