Working with senior leaders in the aftermath of leadership change


A large financial services group


A large financial services group, focused on full-service banking, operating in over 30 countries around the world with 45,000+ employees. 


The bank had undergone a change of leadership, with a new (internal) CEO stepping in from the investment banking sector. The bank was also under threat of a takeover and found itself in a delicate situation, with the CEO needing the support and development of his team. KDVI was contacted by the HR Director to implement a leadership development programme. This partnership continued on for five years.


Multi-year modular intervention with senior leaders in working teams, using 3 KDVI faculty members. The programme continued over a number of years, but in a slightly different format, employing a larger number of faculty. 


KDVI’s first point of entry was a master class for the top 100 during the first half of the first day. 30 senior leaders (3 working teams from Executive Board, Retail Bank and Investment) remained to continue on with a 360° feedback and group coaching module under the guidance of 3 KDVI faculty members. The first day’s afternoon started with the leadership exercise with 5 groups of 6, followed by plenary presentations and introduction to feedback and group coaching. The next 2 days, three separate workshops (each lead by a different KDVI faculty member) were conducted with each intact team to explore 360° feedback using KDVI’s proprietary instruments in a group feedback setting, followed by personal action plans. A second module was conducted a couple of months later as a follow up.

After the first intervention, KDVI faculty set up a full leadership development programme, taking the model and working it through the different management layers down into the organisation.


This intervention represented a systemic multi-year intervention, which cascaded down through different levels of the organisation. The main impact was on the culture of the organisation - working teams were more aligned, set their values differently, and began to behave more like a high performance organisation.