Achieving alignment of top management team for better team effectiveness


A large private bank


One of the largest private bank in its country with around 18,000 employees.


Alignment of the top management team so that they could work more efficiently.


A single intervention of a top team consisting of one module with 2 KDVI faculty.


The intervention with this bank was the first effort to work with the top team of the bank, using 360° instrument feedback on client-specified instruments as preparation and to sit down for a couple of days using the feedback to discuss leadership issues with the team. It involved two KDVI faculty with a group of 12 top management team members. This model represented the beginning of a number of interventions with other bank.


The main outcome was better team alignment wherein members got to know each other better, more openly discuss issues they had within the team and how they could be more effective, and develop concrete and meaningful action plans for individual development plan, which were followed up with other members of the team.