Founded by Manfred Kets de Vries, one of the world’s foremost thinkers on leadership, the Kets de Vries Institute (KDVI) is a consulting firm specialising in leadership development, top team alignment, organisational culture  transformation and creating better places to work.


We work extensively with top teams and boards in world-leading organisations to design bespoke programmes towards improving leadership effectiveness and alignment around a common strategy. We also design customised large-scale interventions through which a broader group of organisational stakeholders can be engaged in the process of development, change or transformation.

Our clients are national, international and global companies—including family businesses and NGOS—in pharmaceuticals, banking, insurance, education, telecommunications, healthcare, media, technology, energy, transportation, manufacturing and strategic consulting.


  • Decades of organisational development experience
  • Specialisation in top management team, senior and board level interventions
  • A psychodynamic-systemic orientation, focused on pragmatic and real world solutions
  • A global business with multi-cultural experience
  • Evidence-based methods linking academic research and organisational expertise
  • Tailored content with flexibility in design and adaptation along the way
  • Top facilitators and coaches with advanced strategic tools
  • Long-term working partnerships focused on customised solutions and sustainable impact
  • A dedicated core team to provide a seamless and high impact experience

What makes KDVI different?

We are pioneers in the evidence-based, psychodynamic-systemic approach to executive coaching and organisational development. We specialise in the development of leadership soft skills, so that global and virtual teams can implement strategic objectives in highly complex organisational environments. We focus on execution—on getting things done.

Our work is evidence-based

  • We link academic research and organisational expertise. Our action learning focus explores clients’ specific organisational processes and evaluates impact and results.
  • We partner with clients to explore individual and organisational causes and consequences of actions and decisions.
  • We design pragmatic and meaningful interventions to address real issues and underlying motivational factors.

Our scope is systemic

  • Our interventions situate individuals, groups and organisations within a holistic context of environment and history.

Results are sustainable

  • We take a long-term view, with interventions designed to foster continual organisational learning.