The ultimate goal of KDVI’s coaching methodology is to treat every coaching session—micro or macro—as a part of a holistic intervention, contributing in a small but significant way to transforming the cultural fabric of the entire organisation. At KDVI, we usually start with a group of top executives, working closely with them to instil the practice of group and peer coaching, with the intention that this group of leaders will in turn apply and cascade the coaching model throughout their organisation.

The objective of taking an organisational coaching approach is to create a culture where all members of the organisation are able to engage in candid, respectful conversations about how they can improve their working relationships and individual and collective work performance, unrestricted by hierarchical reporting relationships. Participants learn to value and use feedback as a powerful learning tool for personal and professional development, create high-trust working relationships and continuously improve job performance. Our interventions help people in organisations to be much more effective in executing strategy: vision without action is a hallucination!