Leading through uncertainty


COVID-19 could be the most serious crisis since World War II, depending on how nations and leaders manage it. The pandemic has created a dramatically difficult year for businesses across the world and across industries. Responding effectively to rising challenges can be blocked by a sense of powerlessness to control outcomes, and deeper doubts that creep in. 

Our hope is that leaders who face stark challenges do not sit alone with an impending sense of doom, do not succumb to the pressure to act without reflection, but instead create the right conditions to renew and even increase their own and their team's sense of commitment and purpose, to generate the energy required for creative problem solving. ‚Äč

The reality in many organisations is that leadership and team development programmes are being scaled back or postponed for six months or more, but this comes at a moment when many leaders feel an acute need for support.

We listened to current leaders' needs and have developed four virtual services:



Designed as a 12-week burst of in-depth coaching built around the Global Executive Leadership Mirror (GELM®), we are providing leaders with an accelerated self-reflection and development journey that addresses the unfolding crisis as well as longer term development objectives. Regular touch points with the individual’s manager or sponsor are incorporated to ensure internal support is activated and accountability maximised. 



As demands on leadership and communication have intensified, leaders benefit from a safe and confidential space to openly share challenges and emotions they are experiencing professionally, as well as personally. This is a series of small group discussions about current, practical leadership and communication-related cases, where leaders experiment with creative problem solving with the insight and support of peers and a facilitating coach. Discussions will be anchored using a set of themes relevant when leading in a crisis.



‚ÄčThis short programme creates an opportunity to connect as a team with a focus on cohesion and continuity in these uncertain times, while at the same time introducing methods and skills to improve ongoing team effectiveness. We aim to create a safe space to address complex topics, have courageous conversations and support one another. The programme is particularly oriented towards:

  • Helping the team to lead rather than operationally manage through the crisis, notably by mobilising and motivating the workforce and by an emphasis on preparing for the post-crisis world
  • Helping the team to communicate effectively and take sound decisions
  • Working on team cohesion and dealing with disagreements constructively 



A three-module, mini-programme that will explore four levels of leadership (individual, team, organisation, society) and offer participants the opportunity to reflect on what each of these levels means for them, for their team and their organisation, within their own societal context. The fina,l critical module moves from the here and now to focus on what leadership and organisations will look like beyond the crisis. The mini-programme includes lectures and coaching which are delivered by Adjunct Professors and senior executive coaches using KDVI’s methodology and framework.  


“Uncomplicated, goal-oriented, with a shared vision and high quality standards ... and fun to work with too. The KDVI team created a new organisation-wide coaching programme in response to the Covid-crisis, from brief to launch in under 2 weeks. I pay compliment to KDVI for their customer orientation and flexibility." 

- Senior Consultant Leadership and Organizational Development of a multinational pharmaceutical company