KDVI’s individual coaching interventions address interpersonal relationships, and/or personal growth, and leadership abilities. They are highly customised around the individual and situation and may be used to uncover blind spots, get an understanding of strengths and areas for development, manage an existing business challenge, manage a transition from a personal and professional perspective, prepare for future roles and responsibilities and identify future career options and a roadmap for change.


  • Provide constructive and balanced feedback within a safe and confidential environment
  • Question and challenge clients in order to help them reflect on and modify their behaviour, beliefs, priorities and/or attitudes
  • Help clients gain confidence as they deal with everyday dilemmas and paradoxes
  • Provide clients with a safe space to experiment with new behaviours and identities
  • Support clients as they fine-tune their goals and strategies, challenge and reassess their assumptions and align followers to the organisation’s goals
  • Help them acquire better life balance