In general, discoveries about ones behaviours are difficult to process alone. A leader’s journey toward self-discovery can be enhanced with the help of a professional coach who can provide a safe space to deal with the everyday dilemmas and paradoxes of their work and private lives.


One of the most powerful and effective experiences in leadership programs is creating tipping points through which participants make a “ah-ha” connection between their current choices in life, and their organisational and professional goals. These moments of insight often help people see where they need to change or develop current behaviour in a way that better supports personal and organisational goals.

Executive coaching can have team and organisational benefits beyond just individual change. By making conscious what had been unconscious and working to address dysfunctional behaviour patterns at the team and organisational levels, the consultant and the client can work together to uncover blind spots, challenge one another, identify behaviour for change, and experiment with new behaviour in their workplace that will help them advance in their career trajectory and future goals.