05 Feb, 2020

Minds at Work - The ITC Facilitator's Workshop

Minds at Work - The ITC Facilitator's Workshop


The ITC Facilitator’s Workshop

This three-day workshop is the first step in developing knowledge and experience with the ITC methodology. Participants learn how to use the powerful Immunity Map assessment tool in both individual coaching and group workshop settings to uncover the hidden immune system that prevents change.

Over the three days, participants join other coaches, consultants, organisational development officers, corporate trainers and others from around the world to learn about and practice how to support their clients in diagnosing and overturning the immune system and realising their critical improvement goals. 

We offer this programme three times per year: 25-27 March, 10-12 June, and 21-23 October, 2020.  It is a prerequisite for all other Minds at Work ITC programmes.  

Our next workshop is coming up in March!  Register here: 

For facilitators who also work with intact teams, we offer ITC For Teams, a day-long workshop following the Facilitator’s Workshop in which you’ll learn how ITC can be used to diagnose and overturn collective immune systems. 

The ITC Coach Certification Programme

The Coach Certification programme is the most in-depth and comprehensive coach training programme that Minds at Work offers and the only one that provides a path to ITC coach certification.  We are very careful in our selection process, looking for the strength and experience of each individual participant as well as the dynamics of the small cohort we are forming. 

Participants experience ITC as both coach and “client.” There are two intensive, interactive seminars here in Cambridge, two group video-conferences, and each participant is paired with a personal certified ITC coach and mentor who will guide them through the various aspects of ITC. Our dual approach gives participants a deep, holistic understanding of Immunity to Change and enables them to demonstrate skillful ITC coaching.

We offer this intensive programme only once per year and are eager to gather the best possible cohort of coach trainees. Our 2020 residencies will be held 1-3 April, and 7-9 October, 2020.

Learn more about the programme and begin your application:  

Applicants to our Coach Certification Programme will ordinarily have completed the 3-day Facilitator’s Workshop prior to the first Residency.  We still have space in our March Facilitator’s Workshop, and those interested in both programmes can register for March while applying for the Coach Certification Programme.


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